Booty Bay is a legendary city nestled into the cliffs of a beautiful lagoon on the southern tip of Stranglethorn Vale. One day from across the sea the Bloodsail Buccaneers arrive on the shores of Booty Bay in search of treasure and riches. You as ruler of this city, must protect it at all cost. Begin by hiring all the help you can get against the pesky Bloodsail Buccaneers and other threats of the city. Can you keep the buccaneers at bay? Play and see if you can survive the onslaught of attacks from countless foes.

The player will have control of the city which he/she has to defend from the Buccaneers or other unknown enemies heroes that arise. By using the village labor workers to collect gold coin and other resources, then you can begin building the city's defense. You can also hire heroes or enemies to fight on your behalf, if only you have the necessary resource or items they require.

The heroes or enemies champions will have three unique abilities that you can optimize when they are in your possession.

Game Control - Left click mouse button to placed tower in the X spots.